Digital Marketing In a Nutshell

Oct 09, 2014

Digital marketing today is extremely popular compared to what is used to be even a few years ago. The first thing people think of when approaching marketing is going online, or as it is more popularly termed, going digital. Even with the popularity that this form of marketing has gained, it can be complex and hard to understand in depth. Some people practice digital marketing and don’t even know it, by marketing their products and services through social media platforms or as being customers on certain sites. Do you want to market your products and services? We’re here to help! Let’s start with the basics.

Digital marketing in simple terms is marketing products and services over the internet using various digital devices. It is also referred to as Internet Marketing, Online Marketing, or Web Marketing. This is one form of marketing that focuses specifically on getting you visible on the web. This way potential customers can easily gather information about you and your business. Visibility can be achieved in form of a website, various social media channels, paid media management like Google AdWords, and search engine optimization which generates organic search. One form of increasing good organic search results is through a blog. A great way to get started is by achieving visibility with social media by having a Facebook fan page, running a video on YouTube, starting a group on LinkedIn and so on.

Once you have achieved visibility online, you will need to maintain consistent activity that will extend your reach to potential buyers and direct them to your website or the platform where they can access your products and services. Focus on reaching out to people that are looking for the products and services that you are offering, but also those that are not looking for the products and services but are part of your potential customer base. Keep your eyes open to all possibilities.

The objective of digital marketing is to help you increase sales and revenue. It is therefore important to generate leads, and to be able to do that you will need to engage your customers. Even though many people might be visiting your website, not all of them have the buying intention. Brainstorm ideas of how to engage these potential customers.

The best thing about digital marketing is that it is not only cost effective, but it’s also easy to measure and track it. Tracking your online marketing is important so you can figure out what is not performing well and target that aspect to maximize your profits accordingly. If you find that a certain channel is not performing well, you can transfer that budget to a better performing platform so as to increase your returns with the same amount of money. It is very important to have a customer base that returns to your product and services over and over again. You can do this through remarketing, email marketing and so on.

If you are new to digital marketing or just want more tips, explore our website for information and read our blog each week. More helpful tips and tricks coming soon!

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