How To Make Social Media Marketing Effective

Nov 23, 2014

How_to_Perform_Effective_Social_Media_MarketingSocial Media Marketing has become a vital part of online marketing today. It is one of the ways to gain attention and increase your traffic online through social media sites. Different social media sites require different social actions, so you will need to understand these differences in order to utilize them effectively. For instance, Facebook provides the opportunity to use unlimited characters and photos while Twitter allows you to share your views through 140 characters or video capture. Another popular social media site that you can take advantage of is YouTube. YouTube allows you to share information with your audience through videos.

If you are using social marketing to reach business people such as managers, marketers and office workers, you will need to make sure that your updates are scheduled at the appropriate time of day. This will help you to make sure that more of your posts are visible to the right eye. Keep in mind the time of day when most people are likely to be active on each particular social media site, in order to reach a wider audience. If for instance you post an update at night when people are sleeping, it is more likely to not be seen.

It is also a good idea to research popular content from your competitors if you want to get the most out of social media marketing. If you find that there is content from your competitor that is popular to their audience, there is a high chance that similar content will be popular to your audience. This does not mean that you have to copy the same post and share it with your audience. You can however craft your content around a similar topic but make sure that it has a different slant.

If you like sharing using videos, there are thumbnail tips that you can use to increase your views on YouTube and other platforms. If you do not know how to optimize your YouTube videos properly, chances are that you will get mediocre views. You will need to make sure that your videos have compelling and attention grabbing thumbnails so people will click and view the entire video. The thumbnail should tell your audience instantly what the video is all about, but also keep them easy to read.

Even though there are many social media platforms today, it is a good idea to limit yourself to just a few. Look for about three platforms that will allow you to build the strongest presence and then focus on them. You want to establish a solid presence and spend your energy focusing on topics that your audience will like to engage in.


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