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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns like Google AdWords can
generate highly-targeted traffic to your websites or landing pages by up to 64.4%. This makes it one of the most efficient digital marketing tools for driving highly-targeted traffic to your business in a considerably short span of time compared to other tools that rely on organic search and traffic. For the fastest results for your online marketing campaign, paid media advertising like AdWords and Facebook Ads is an enormously effective tool.

The term “paid” means there is a cost involved. Although considerably cheaper than expensive traditional media advertising channels, there are still expenses that could, over time, become too costly if not managed properly. Lugh Media offers its Paid Media Management services to ensure that you get the most cost-effective results that are closely monitored, ensuring that it is effective for your bottom line ROI and stays within your budget.

How Paid Media Management Services Works

With ample costs involved, it would be to your greatest advantage to carefully plan out and craft your paid advertising campaigns. Lugh Media’s team of digital marketers are here to help you spring forward with strategies. Here are a few things to take into consideration when strategizing:

  • Keyword Research – Together we will perform extensive keyword research using available tools like Google’s own AdWords Keyword Tool to optimize your ad for generating results. Matching your keywords according to its relevance will target audiences to secure better Quality Score, Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and Click Through Rates (CTR).
  • Well Crafted Ad Copy – Ensure that your ad copy is well-crafted and optimized for your chosen target audiences. This will produce a greater likelihood of having target audiences clicking on your ads because of genuine interest
  • Landing Page / Sales Page – Depending on your end goal for your businesses paid media campaign, whether to generate leads and subscriptions or to generate sales, an optimized landing page and/or sales page will bring your business optimal results from your targeted audiences
  • Paid Ad Components – The technical elements of your paid media campaign include Cost-Per-Click (CPC), search phrase popularity, Quality Score, and campaign budget
  • Geographic Targeting – Targeting potential customers based on geographic location allows your business to further hone its marketing campaign and eliminate unnecessary advertising costs, time, and energy.
  • Test and Measurement – Measures and tests ad variations to identify which variation will deliver the best results and least amount of cost
  • Conversion Tracking – Our Paid Media Management services monitors and tracks your conversion performance to ensure that your campaign is getting the results you want within our budget

Why Use Paid Media Management Services for Your Business?

Paid advertising is one of the top digital marketing tools used today by both B2B and B2C digital marketers. More than that, Paid Media Management services deliver other tangible benefits that include:

  • Ensuring your landing pages are optimized to generate the best conversion rate for the amount of traffic that your business generates
  • Making sure you get immediate results for time-sensitive advertising needs such as promotions, limited time offers, launching your Joint Venture (JV), new product launches, special events, etc.
  • Getting the best results from promoting direct-response products or services while working within your specified marketing budget
  • Receiving highly targeted results by focusing on specific demographics and groups based on what they need and what you want. This will lower your overall paid advertising costs while delivering optimum results for fast and more profitable ROIs

When you’re pressed for time in generating highly-targeted results, make use of paid advertising channels. Lugh Media will handle all your Paid Media Management tasks and ensure this process is done effectively, generating targeted traffic, and producing profitable results in a short time frame.

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