Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search Engine Optimization is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools that your business can harness for driving highly targeted traffic right to your website and landing pages. Studies from reputable organization Forrester Research puts SEO as the top source for traffic. According to the Email Marketing Industry Census 2013 conducted by Econsultancy, 8 out of 10 global businesses rated SEO as their best digital marketing investment that continually delivers the best ROI terms.

Just imagine the enormous potential and opportunity that your business can generate by harnessing just a mere fraction of the 5,922,000,000 searches per day made at Google’s search engine. SEO is the tool that will help your website and your business take advantage of that. Lugh Media’s SEO team knows the importance of ranking high in search results and will work with you to utilize the best SEO practices and techniques for boosting your website ranking and establishing a strong online presence.

How Search Engine Optimization Services Work

Lugh Media’s SEO services will help your business get organic search engine inquires by your targeted audiences, many of whom may already be looking for the products and services your business is trying to promote through digital marketing. This is how we can help you improve your digital marketing campaign:

  • Choosing the Right Keywords – Searches made by your targeted audiences revolve around certain keywords which they use to look for information about products and services. An SEO campaign focuses on these keywords, generating more relevant traffic that will drive your business
  • Choosing the Right Domain Name – One key to SEO success is to choose a compelling domain name for your website that clearly states what your site represents and contains at a glance
  • Optimizing On-Page Elements – Web elements and meta data like meta keywords, title tags, meta description, files names, ALT text, and ALT tags are important for boosting the visibility of your pages with search engine web crawlers
  • Creating High Quality Original Content – Content is at the heart of your digital marketing campaign and is crucial for getting indexed by web crawlers as well as attaining excellent readership from your targeted clientele

Why Use Search Engine Optimization Services for Your Business?

Search engine success does not happen overnight nor is SEO a one-time-deal in securing search engine result domination. SEO is a continuous process that should be integrated into your business’ overall digital marketing campaign. Here are some reasons why:

  • SEO drives highly targeted website visitors, to you, that are actively looking for your type of brand, product and service
  • If targeted customers can’t find your website, how will they find your products and services? SEO ensures that they will
  • SEO acts as your sales force that operates around the clock, promoting your brands, products and services to global audiences 24/7
  • SEO establishes you as an authority in your particular niche when you generate fresh, high quality and highly relevant original content to your target audiences
  • A continuous SEO campaign ensures that your business maintains a strong hold on search ranking in anticipation of the continually changing algorithms employed by the search engines
  • SEO is a great equalizer that allows small businesses to compete with large corporations in terms of attracting traffic that generates revenue and profit

When Can You See Results?

Search engines index and re-index optimized sites within 4-12 weeks. Some search engines like Google crawl websites more frequently if your Page Rank is higher. Realistically you can expected to see results starting in 4-6 weeks after submission and rankings commonly stabilize after approximately two months. As we increase the number of indexed pages on your website, your presence on Google and other major search engines grows resulting in an increase of targeted traffic to your website.

When it comes to generating highly targeted traffic to your business Search Engine Optimization remains at the forefront of digital marketing tools that can deliver the most significant results. Lugh Media will help you understand how to harness these proven SEO strategies and techniques and take advantage of the power that this great digital marketing tool can put towards your business’ success.

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