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Many business owners fall prey to the false notion that all they need to do in order to achieve a strong online presence and brand exposure is setting up a website. But with millions of website available out there getting ahead in the online marketplace requires a larger marketing strategy.

Lugh Media’s Website Design and Development team will help you build a website from scratch or transform your existing website into a lean, mean, traffic-generating machine. We are ready to help you build web pages that capture your target audience’ attention and interest in understanding your brand, product and service and convert them into loyal, paying, and supportive customers.

How Website Design, Development and Optimization Services Work

Each particular element of your website, both on-page and off, must be carefully designed and developed to maximize your site’s online visibility for targeted customers. Lugh Media ensures that your website receives this visibility using effective web design, development and optimization tools that include:

  • On-Page SEO – Utilizing the inbound marketing strengths of on-page Search Engine Optimization we optimize all page components, content and meta elements for optimum attraction of organic traffic
  • Social Media Marketing – Optimize pages to generate social signals by incorporating social buttons, bookmarking and other apps that key into the new marketing era that is social media
  • Google AdWords / Paid Advertising – Utilize paid advertising methods to generate high targeted traffic. A very cost efficient tool compared to traditional outbound marketing which is more expensive and less effective
  • Fully Customized Website – Establish branding and identity with a professionally designed website that provides you with customized features, sections and many other web elements
  • Lead Capture Tool – Make use of the proven and reliable lead capture tools for your website and landing pages to ensure you can collect valuable contact information from your visitors to later ensure they sign up to newsletters and mailing lists
  • Effective Contact Forms – Setup effective contact forms that make it easy for your web visitors to interact with you on inquires, comments, complaints and other communication points that establishes strong engagement and relationships with your targeted audiences

Why Use Web Design, Development and Optimization Services for Your Business?

Your website doesn’t have to be a static online brochure but instead will live as a dynamic interactive hub of online presence connecting your targeted customers to you.

  • Your website is the online reflection of your business and optimizing the design ensures that you give a good first impression to potential customers
  • Lugh Media will work with you to find a budget that your business feels comfortable with and will still be highly effective
  • A professionally designed website gives you credibility and clearly distinguishes you from the myriad of scammers and spammers that proliferate the net
  • An optimized websites gives 24/7 functionality to your business that allows continuous operations and customer services round the clock without the need for hiring additional resources
  • An optimized website with a strong online presence give your business high competitiveness that enables you to go head-to-head with competitors on both local and global markets

A successful business requires constant interaction and engagement with existing, new and potential clientele. In the online battlefield a professionally designed and optimized website establishes your business as a reputable company and will serve as your window to maintaining and expanding and help you understand and further hone your business goals at faster ROIs.

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